Veterans Day

As a wife of a Navy sailor, this day takes on deep meaning to me. It really should take meaning to all of us who live in this country of America. This blog could be seen by people all over the world, and I am proud to say that I am an American. Our country is flawed, but it is one that I love and one that I stand behind in what it represents. To be able to live my life the way I choose and not be told what I can and can't do and then be punished for not complying. 
Today is a day to think about the past and present people who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country and allowing us to live this way. To keep us safe from those in the world who want to harm us simply for being Americans or disagreeing with what they think or believe. These men and women in the past and present sacrifice their lives for a greater good, for something that they believe in. They sacrifice their health, their comforts, their time, their sleep, and so much more to keep our country safe. The life of a veteran has its own set of challenges and it comes with a price. The greatest of these is the price of their life. Knowing and willing to pay that price if needed. The second greatest price is the sacrifice of time and memories with family. Missing so much and knowing and accepting that work will always come first. They do this for us. People they know, people they don't know. 

Veterans are our heroes. Take a moment to think on the meaning behind this day. They deserve our respect and appreciation. Not just anyone can be a veteran. It takes a special person. Their job changes them and they learn to adapt. They accept the sacrifice. I have a very soft spot for our veterans and those in uniform who work together to serve our nation. 
Thank you Veterans. Thank you families of Veterans. I appreciate you. I respect you. 
Thank you for what you do for our country.


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